Memoprint® - Scientific Information on Blood Pressure


The normal values for dogs are breed-specific. Those for Golden Retrievers, Labradors and giant breeds tend to be lower than the overall average, and those for greyhounds and in gene-ral racing hounds tend to be higher. Table 1-2 lists the normal values for common dog breeds using oscillometric blood pressure monitors (the Dinamap and the MEMOPRINT respectively).

Average canine blood pressure: 133/75

This figure was calculated as the mean of 1782 oscillometric measurements in clinically healthy dogs of different breeds16. The overall canine average of 133/75 mmHg therefore serves as a point of reference only. The individual or at least breed-specific value must be known to most accurately determine whether a given patient's blood pressure deviates from normal.


The blood pressure values for cats are not breed-specific. However, the most sensitive way to detect changes in feline blood pressure is also by comparing individual blood pressure readings taken over time.

Normal feline blood pressure: 124/84

This figure was calculated as the mean of oscillometric measurements in 90 healthy cats (using the MEMOPRINT (MP-1 unit)
(Source: "Essential facts of blood pressure in dogs and cats" by Dr. Beate Egner, 2003,
ISBN 3-00-011096-8)